“When I was 17 I was totally broke and couldn’t afford acting lessons…so in exchange for lessons with [John] I taught his kids class…shortly afterwards I booked United States of Tara which was the turning point.”

-- Brie Larson

“If you’re serious about acting, John will bring out the best in you.”

-- Kirsten Dunst

I’ve been lucky enough to work with John for many years…John is my Acting Guru.

--Ricky Martin

I have known John for over 20 years now…He is patient and passionate about all that he does, and has truly changed my life.

-- Mena Suvari

John Homa is one of the most assertive and real acting coaches I have worked with…More coaches should take a page out of his playbook to prep their students for what being on set is actually like.

-- James Maslow

You have been the arrow on the compass of my soul. I love you dearly.

-- Amber Tamblyn

Never have I met someone with such an instant and instinctive understanding of story and character.

-- Connor Paolo

There are many philosophies about acting, but none of them have ever been as clear, concise, and practical as the methodology John uses. Every actor would benefit from studying with him.

-- Eric Balfour


From never having been on a set to winning an Academy Award, what does it mean to be an actor? How do you create success for yourself, and what does that mean to you? Understand that this is a business and in order to get what you want you must learn everything about it. Learn to produce so you can hire yourself. Learn to write so you can understand story. Learn how to be in front of a camera so that when you show up on set you’re ready to work.


The cornerstone of John’s philosophy is storytelling. He will teach you how to read a script, break down a scene, and become a master at cold reading. It is the foundational understanding of genre, scene types, and story structure that will unlock an actor’s ability to create characters with strong points of view and allow a deep and dynamic emotional availability.


John has coached over 35,000 auditions with an unmatched callback and success rate. He teaches you how to make the choices that get you hired— point of view, cinematic technique, engagement, and personality. Also, how you can translate in-the-room auditions into self-tape auditions.

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